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We don’t like to brag, but we will! There are many advantages of using our care providers over kennels, such as:

It feels like home

It feels like home. With daycare and boarding, your pet is free to roam safe and secure premises, instead of being cooped up for hours with nothing to entertain them or occupy their mind. Our providers love animals and will do everything they can to stimulate them with one on one, 24-hour service. The idea is that it will be so similar to life back at home; they probably won’t know the difference, eliminating any stress and anxiety from separation.

It's Cosy

It’s cosy. Dogs and cats love their home comforts. Be it a favourite blanket or that soft fluffy cushion which is perfect for scratching those hard to reach spots. Imagine being used to all that familiarity and then being thrown into a cold and scary pen with nowhere comfy to sleep. Our care providers offer warm and cosy surroundings, always. Your pet can also bring their favourite blanket or toy with them, ensuring they know that home is not too far away.

We keep up with their routine

We keep up with their routine. With kennels, your pet is likely to have to conform to a set of group rules and disciplines. A one size fits all approach. With us, we know that every pet is different, each with their unique requirements and needs. Each of our providers works hard to offer a one on one, personable approach. Instead of forcing your pet to accept whatever regime a kennel wants to follow, they will make sure your pet gets their usual routine of mealtimes, walks and grooming necessities.

We keep in contact

We keep in contact. With kennels, you and your pet are unlikely to get individual attention. You drop off your furry-friend and then pick them up once it is time to go home, not knowing what they've been up to. Here at , we understand that you too will have anxieties and may be missing them. So, all our providers have access to instant messaging directly from our App. They can send you direct updates to show you how your pet is doing, including videos of them playing and the odd selfie of them and their new friends. With our help, the whole process will be less stressful for you too!

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