safety of your pet is
our top priority

Whilst in our care, the safety of your pet is our top priority. All of our providers are vetted, and ID verified meaning you know you are dealing with true pet lovers. After admission to our database, we continue to monitor them, ensuring that they are always providing the very best care. Should anything change or we receive complaints, we will always investigate further and take strong measures if deemed necessary.

When booking, it is essential to take part in a meet and greet so that providers can ensure the safety of your pet and that of other guests. They will ensure they understand all aspects of their medical history, behavioural issues and how they socialise with other animals. We also carry out safety checks on locations to ensure they are secure and do not expose your pet to external and internal risks such as choking hazards. Should the worst happen, we’ve got the Tailzer Guarantee in place.

As a pet owner, your safety is important to us too. We will never sell your data, and all payments using our payment gateway are fully encrypted and secure.

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