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Meet and Greet

Is a meet and greet essential?

A meet and greet is essential in our booking process. After all, you want to make sure that the pet your going to care for is the perfect match for you and that you are not surprised with anything on the service start day.

During your initial meet and greet ask the right questions.  We recommend the following as a checklist to fully understand the pet and owner’s needs:


      Does your pet have any specific dietary requirements?

      Does your pet have any allergies?

      Are there any specific mealtimes and quantity rules I need to abide by?

      What are your pets’ walk times?

      Is your pet allowed treats?  If so, what quantity?

      Does your pet have a current illness?

      Is your pet currently taking any medication?

      Are your pets’ vaccinations all up to date?

      Does your pet get separation anxiety?

      Is your pet friendly with other animals?

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