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Help-center Pet Sitter What happens if I ask for payment outside of Tailzer?

Payments and Cancellation

What happens if I ask for payment outside of Tailzer?

We're proud that we provide a safe environment for pet carers and owners alike and we want to keep it that way.  If a dispute is raised and the transaction didn’t take place on our platform, we're unable to help you resolve it.  With that in mind, any care provider suspected of soliciting payment outside of  Tailzer will be immediately suspended without notice.  Examples of this include:


      Requesting owners to revise bookings from multiple events to one.

      Promotion of other platforms on your Tailzer profile.

      Requesting clients to contact you outside of the platform (social media, e-mail).

      Exchanging contact details before a booking has taken place.

      Giving a client an unreasonably low rate to gain a booking in order to gain contact details with the view to negotiate off-platform.

      Cancelling a booking without giving a good reason.

      Requesting any form of cash payment outside of Tailzer.

      Requesting that clients pay hidden fees outside of Tailzer.

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