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Help-center Pet Sitter Can I promote my profile? If so, how?

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Can I promote my profile? If so, how?

Promotion is a huge part of your life, and that's no different with your Tailzer profile.  We do our best to promote you as much as we can, but there are things you can do too.


      Create an impressive profile.  Look great and stand out.  A well-written and professional-looking profile is most likely to attract new clients.  Go on, spray on a bit of polish.


      Publish testimonials.  There’s nothing quite like a previous client endorsing you for a job well done to get new clients knocking on your front door.  Ask previous clients to write you a review.  If you’re starting out, ask friends, family or anyone that knows how good you are with animals to submit a testimonial. 


      Share share share!  Have a Facebook profile?  Of course, you do, it’s 2021!  Share your profile link on your social media accounts to spread the word far and wide about the fantastic services that you provide.  


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