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How can I be a successful care provider on Tailzer

To stand out as the care provider in your area that clients need to flock to, we recommend the following tips:


  1. Always keep your profile updated. Let the pet owners know in your bio if you will not be available on certain days so that they can know to look for an alternative.  


  1. Keep your photo album updated.  If you have photos of previous 4-legged-friends having a ball, show the world.  It will make you look more appealing to new customers and will show pet owners that pets have a hoot when they're with you!


  1. Keep your description updated.  You must let clients know exactly what you do and what you're great at.  Ask yourself the question 'why would I choose me?'  Include things like availability, if there are breeds you don't accept and if you have any specific veterinary education.  It's all about standing out, and this is sure to help!


  1. Keep your home or business premises clean, tidy and safe for new animals.  This includes making sure doors close properly, and that there is nothing that could cause harm to your new bushy-tailed friend.  Make sure outdoor spaces are secure and if you're lucky enough to have a pond, a swimming pool or running water nearby, ensure special care is given so that no accidents take place.  Also, ensure any breakables or valuables are out of reach, you have been warned!


  1. During your initial meet and greet ask the right questions.  We recommend the following as a checklist to fully understand the pet and owner’s needs:


      Does your pet have any specific dietary requirements?

      Does your pet have any allergies?

      Are there any specific mealtimes and quantity rules I need to abide by?

      What are your pets’ walk times?

      Is your pet allowed treats?  If so, what quantity?

      Does your pet have a current illness?

      Is your pet currently taking any medication?

      Are your pets’ vaccinations all up to date?

      Does your pet get separation anxiety?

      Is your pet friendly with other animals?


  1. Keep in contact with the owner.  It can be easy to get carried away in the day to day running of your business, but remember, your client is probably just as anxious as their pet is.  Nothing makes them happier than receiving photos and message updates on how their favourite friend is getting on.  The best thing is we've ensured this is easy with our in-app messaging system. 

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