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What will clients expect of me?

Once you receive a booking through Tailzer, you will want to build a great relationship with your client for them to want you to look after their pet again in the future.  To create a successful business relationship, please keep the following in mind.


      Make sure all dogs in your care are sociable.  This can be ascertained in your meet and greet session.  All dogs will need the ability to get on well with others; if they don't, this will put extra stress on you and put other pets at risk.  If you have your own pets, you must make sure they are fully vaccinated and will also socialise well.  Please state this on your profile.


      You will be expected to give every dog you care for one to one care.  Remember, we are the alternative to kennels, and our customers come to us to provide a more personable service.  Please make sure that we are consistently providing it. 


      Keep in contact with pet owners.  Right from initial contact through to providing updates when their pet is in your care, fast, courteous response rates are incredibly important to us.  Out messaging service allows you to be creative with photos and videos.  Let them know their dog is having a fantastic time, is playing well with new friends or having the best sleep of their lives!  It will put your clients at ease.  


      If you are providing sitting or boarding services, invite the pet owner to visit your premises.  They will want to see exactly where their pet will be staying and that it is safe and secure.   The initial meet and greet will also give them the chance to meet you.  Try to put them at ease and answer any queries they may have about your care.  The meet and greet is also a great time to discuss any particular requirements that their pet may have and how you will be able to cater to them.

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