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If you can't be there, we've you the perfect sitter for your cat!


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quality pet boarding.

Cats live a good life. They sleep, eat and repeat. It’s easy to think that they can look after themselves, but that isn’t always the case. If you have to go away, who is going to be around to feed and stroke them? Who are they going to scratch? Imagine an app that could provide all of this on-demand. A clone of you ready to roll out, just when you need it! We’ve got an app for that

By using one of our verified, hand picked and screened cat sitters, your cat will:
  • Follow their regular routine
  • Eat their regular food.
  • Have their regular grooming routine.
  • Be given their medication and other special requirements as directed by you.
  • Receive all the love and attention they’d typically get.

Hell, they probably won’t even notice you’ve gone!

We’re not kitten-around, placing cats in catteries causes unnecessary stress and suffering. We think that is a-paw-ling! They are intelligent animals that need mental and physical stimulation as well as human interaction, just like their canine friends. Similar to our dog boarding services, your cat will receive 1 on 1 personalised care without you having to lean on friends and family. Also, as cats are creatures of habit, our cat sitters will discuss their regular routine with you to keep things as normal as possible.

Why Choose Us

We don't mind saying it; we're pretty paw-some! But don't take our word for it. Here's why you should choose us

Happy You

  • Choose from a variety of the best care givers.
  • Simple and easy booking.
  • Receive daily photo and video updates.
  • Rest assured your pet is cared for.

Happy Pet

  • Your pet will stay in a real home, not a cage.
  • Personalized care, sitter will follow your rules.
  • Receive daily photo and video updates.
  • Avoid anti-social behaviour.


  • All providers are vetted and ID-verified.
  • We offer a 100% secure payment gateway.
  • Our Tailzer Guarantee covers all services.
  • All providers are pet lovers.

What to do next?

Want to know what to do next? It's all here.

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First things first. Create an account with your details.

Search for Boarder

Search our list of vetted cat sitters in your area. All are verified, hand picked, and screened.

Choose a provider

Arrange a meet or chat to make sure you’ve chosen the right digs for your furball! Happy? Great. go ahead and book.

Secure payment

Agree on a date and make your payment in the app with our secure payment gateway.

Get Updates

Cats can do selfies too! Your sitter will give you regular updates within the app in the form of cute photos and videos, so you can rest assured they are having the time of their lives!

Affordable & Personable

Affordable and personable. Your cat is as unique as you are. However, tailored cat care shouldn’t cost the earth. That is why we have a range of cat sitting professionals for all budget.

Why should you choose us?

There are many benefits to choosing a sitter on Tailzer, here are just some of them

All of our sitters are pet lovers. They’re wholesome, beautiful people. It's not even a job for them!

We’re firmly against caging animals. Your cat will be free to roam, always!

Whilst we don’t employ staff directly, we carry out full screening on all our providers so you can rest assured your cat is in the hands of a verified, hand picked and screened professional!

Should the worst happen, we have the Tailzer guarantee, we’ll cover emergency vet visits.

All boarding takes place at our sitters’ home, not yours, so you know you won’t be coming home to any surprises.

Everything is in one place! No need to worry about different emails and phone numbers. Everything takes place on our app! You’d be barking mad to go anywhere else!

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